Friday, September 17, 2010

Softball Announcement

I am SURE many of you have heard and many of you have wondered, but YES I am coming out of retirement. I am once again playing softball. Many felt that retirement came way too early for me, but at the young age of 12 I knew it needed to be done. For two reasons:
1. I played first baseman since I am a leftie. Well first baseman sees WAY too much action as you all can imagine. I was constantly having the ball thrown to me and constantly having girls running towards me at full speed. I didn't like either of these two things.
2. Since I played on first base, it was very convenient for my dad to stand right next to the fence and shout out orders such as: "Squat lower Nikki! Your not in ready position! Squat lower!" .. I didn't WANT to squat any lower.
So now you all understand my reasons for early retirement. But I'm back. But not by choice, mind you. You see, a friend sent out a group email inviting all of her friends to play on a coed team. I happened to "forget" to respond. By the time I remembered, I was pretty sure the team was full and we were just gonna be out of luck. Darn. Well her hubby had also sent out an email to his friends.. which included Tyson. I didn't realize it but Tyson signed us up. Sneaky little bugger. I had to buy a mitt. Do you know how hard it is to find a lefty mitt this late in the year? I had to search. And women's cleats my size? You can forget about it. Sigh.
Our first game was last night. Tyson didn't tell me that we needed to wear red t-shirts till right before the game. Well I dont HAVE a red t-shirt. I had to wear a dressy shirt since it is the only red I own. As you can imagine, that made me an easy target immediately for the other team. I'm sure they thought "who is this gomer that isn't even dressed right? We will make her pay" as they chuckled Evil-y to themselves. I could almost HEAR the giggles and nasty comments thrown my way. And make me pay they did! Not really but they probably wanted to.
I played outfield as you can imagine. Far far away where the ball would never find me.. or so I thought. The ball did in fact find me. On more than one occasion. One was a grounder and it came at me fast. I was in position to scoop it up off of the ground but instead it went right between my legs.. all the way out the the fence. It made me so mad that I had to sprint all the way over to retrieve the dang ball. And by then I was so far away from anyone, there was no chance that I would be able to throw that far.. would I? I heaved the ball as hard as I could with this big huge manly grunt/yell/scream and it slowwwwwwwly found its way to first base.
The next time, the ball flew high into the sky and came right towards me. I caught it. Then I dropped it. It was the worst thing ever because I caught it and I could hear my teammates cheering. As they cheered, as if it was in slow motion, the ball rolled slowly out of my glove and onto the ground. My face went from total shock that I had caught a ball and slowly became grotesquely distorted as I watched it slowly fall to the ground. Sigh. That isn't even the worst part. Sure it sucked missing the ball on a very important play, but since I caught/dropped the ball my hand hurt like crazy! I was so mad that my had was hurting and I had nothing to show for it.
One guy on our team is really nice and always shouts words of encouragement to me as I'm up to bat. I throw him my best smile under the circumstances. I'm pretty sure it doesn't come across as a smile. More of a tortured half smile half disfigured frown with the look of terror in my eyes. Kind of like when you tell a sobbing child that they can have something as soon as they give you a big smile and so they try but it comes out all distorted with tears running down their cheeks. Like that.
One of my favorite parts of this whole experience are the team names that we are playing against:
Blood Bath & Beyond
I'd hit that
and ummmmmm
Sacks n racks
That is it for now. I have more I could write, but maybe I'll save it for another time. Like about the drunk girl that decided to join our team in the dugout. Another time guys. Another time.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bathroom Hallway From Hell

Today was the day that I almost died. Hmm maybe that is a little dramatic. Today was the day that I came within inches of death yet will live another day to tell my story. Much better. And where did my near death experience take place, you might ask? And how did I make it out alive? Quit asking so many dang questions and I will tell you my story...... So I am at the office cleaning. We didn't have patients today, Tyson was gone, and those nasty floor boards were driving me nuts. So I went to the office with my cleaning supplies to clean. I got done with almost the entire office but I had saved the worst for last. The dreaded bathroom hallway. So this is a little awkward to try and explain. See, there is another office (which is currently empty) right next to us. We have a bathroom in between the two offices in a hallway. The hallway has a door on each end. That way we can keep our door nice and locked so that the neighbors can't just come in to our office through the hallway. Make sense? Yes I know I just said that the office next to us is currently empty but that could change any day so we keep the habit of keeping it locked up. So anyway, I have made my way to the hallway to clean it. I am cleaning away and realize that the back of the door is horrendous and needs a little TLC. Well I was in a cleaning zone and wanted to get it done and before I know it I realize that I had shut the door that leads back into our office while I was cleaning the door. Oh CRAP. I am locked in the creepy not quite all the way clean and somewhat dirty hallway. What did I do? I PANICKED!!! Tyson is out of town (st. george), I don't have neighbors in the next office to let me out. No one else is in the building. I see my life pass before my eyes: the kids that I would have had if only I had had children. My grandbabies growing up without their loving grandmother if only I had had children in the first place. The big mansion that I could have lived in if only Tyson and I were extremely rich and spoiled... I tried to tell myself that there was a way out. That this wasn't the end for me. Ok, don't panic don't panic! Then I remembered.... how stupid am I? I.... HAD.... MY KEYS WITH ME!! I cried for joy. With trembling hands and wet tears streaming down my almost defeated face, I put the key in the door. It wouldn't open. What? How could this be?! Why the HECK was the lock different from the front door? Who DOES that?! I run to the neighbors door. Still locked. Nope, my key won't work there either. I run back to the other door, praying that this time for such odd reason it would work. No such luck. I cry out in anguish. Is this how I was supposed to die?! Trapped in a bathroom hallway with no one around to care? No. It couldn't be. I would find another way. Then I realize... my mother is on her way to the store. I'll just have her come into the office and unlock the door for me! Wait. Wait one second. In an effort to be safe, I had locked the front office door so that no one would sneak in and snatch me up while I cleaned. In an effort to be safe.. I had only ensured a long and torturous death. I could look on the bright side though.. at least I had a bathroom to use if I had to go potty. Even though I would sit their and waste away over the weekend only to be discovered on Monday morning, I could still look on the bright side of things. I am just that kind of person I guess. Ok no I am not. How the freak am I gonna get out?! Well, the only other option I had was to take the door down. I tried to decide how to do it. I used to be pretty good at kick boxing... I could probably whack it down in one swift kick. The only weapon I could find to use against the door was a plunger from the bathroom. I could throw all of my body weight into it. Surely that would take the dang thing down. Which did I go with? None of the above. I went the unconventional route and decided to take the hinges off the door. How long was I there working my fingers to the bone to get those stupid stubborn hinges out of their place? We will never know. But what you DO need to know is that I did it. Holy cow I did it. By the time I got it taken apart, I was so frustrated that I decided I would leave the door how it was and let Tyson fix it Monday morning before patients came in. But then again, you NEVER know if a neighbor might move into the office next to us that weekend. Hey its very possible. So what did I do? I mustered all of the strength I had left in me, and I put the door back in place. As I walked out to my truck to drive home, I saw the land lord out mowing the grass. I waved and he waved. How naive he was, waving at me and not realizing that if I hadn't been absolutely amazing at getting myself out alive that day, he would have had a murder investigation on his hands. Because NO ONE would have believed that I could have been dumb enough to lock myself into the bathroom hall. It would have HAD to have been a homicide............

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Remember how I couldn't get my wedding pictures to work on the computer and I said you would just have to take my word for it that we actually tied the knot? Well I was finally able to get them to work. This picture was my favorite of all. Our photographer did such an amazing job- they really turned out perfect. Talk about a perfect day for a wedding! Wanna hear all about the wedding day? Ok well here goes. As you can see it was a beautiful day. People asked me if I fake baked a lot before hand. The answer is no. All of you who know me well, know that I am naturally tan without a freckle in sight. I am one of the few blessed to be dark year round. Anyway things went beautifully. We wanted to go with a combined theme of a Hawaiian beach, bubbles, and outdoor hunting. I surprised Tyson by hanging the ducks he taxidermied himself above us at the alter. He was so surprised and had the cutest look on his face. He knew right then and there that I really loved him. As you can see, I have my sister Erika here as my maid of honor. She was honored. Tyson had his brother Brandon as the ring bearer. Thanks Janelle for letting us use your couch pillow to place the rings on. It was the perfect touch. I was, however, sooo mad at Brandon that day. He insisted on wearing that tacky baseball cap even though I wanted so bad for everything to be perfectly elegant. Other than that, our day was perfect.

Which one is your favorite?

So when Tyson first started his practice, we had a hard time trying to decide on a name. We decided on Precision Chiropractic & Wellness and were quite happy with the decision. Until now.....
It all started when Tyson decided he wanted a slogan as well. I didn't love the ones he was coming up with, so I decided to google it and try to get ideas on what other people have done. Instead of finding a slogan, I found a plethora of fantastic Chiropractic names and I am honestly so sad we didn't find these ideas sooner. Is it too late to switch the name? I hope not....
Back on Track
Back Slap
Spine in Line
Bones a plenty
Bones r us
Back Crackers
Crack Shack
Cracked 4 you
and my personal favorite I'm feeling spine now
Since EVERYONE does give aways on their blogs now I will to. I will give away something (haven't decided what yet) to whoever can come up with the best chiropractic name. Since there are seriously only three people that even know about this blog, I imagine the competition will be quite fierce and intense. Erika, Kel, and Grandpa (not really sure you even read this)- ready set go!

Monday, December 14, 2009

2 1/2 years in a nutshell part I

Alrighty. Due to my lack of computer skills (and desire I suppose) I am just now getting around to blogging my life away. This is how it will work. In an unorganized fashion, I am going to run through the last little bit of our lives so you can all be caught up to speed. If you are bored already, feel free to skip ahead- kind of like a child's picture book I suppose. First things first, Tyson and I got engaged. Do not be confused with the picture above. No, we are not hunting, or camping even. This was the attire I was wearing when Tyson proposed. I should have realized right then and there that I had agreed to love and support a crazy obsessed hunter. It's like a bad addiction. Always needing a hunting fix. Just ask my parents who are storing a whole duck in there freezer just waiting to be taxidermied.  Or the taxidermist down the road who has Tyson's deer to head mount. It will look lovely in our front room or above our bed.

Next, we got married! Although I do not have any pictures to prove that this event took place, you are going to have to take my word for it. I can't figure out how to make my pictures compatible with my computer....


 Then I moved to California and we moved into this quaint little cottage. Yes it's miniature sized, but I LOVED it. I was a nanny to three cute girls while Tyson finished up Chiropractic school. I LOVE LOVE LOVE California and could live there forever. Sigh.


Tyson and I dressed up as biker chicks for Halloween..

 Erika and I ran the Ogden Marathon together last year. Even though I had an injured foot, I managed to limp/run through with a not-so-bad time. Erika kicked my butt the whole way....

And here we are at the finish line with Ashley and Avery. Ashley ran the last 8 miles to the finish line


Erika, Zach, Tyson and I took a trip to New York and had a ton of fun with Ryan, Katie, and Josh....

At a Yankees game......Go Yankees!!!!

 I'm not exaggerating when I say that Tyson fell asleep at EVERY stop we made. He probably had 10 catnaps every day we were out in the city.......

Went and saw Mamma Mia! and Wicked. SO AMAZING

 This guy is the ferry farter. He stands at the entrance and makes farting noises as people walk through. I didn't believe Ryan at first when he told me about it. I just had to see to believe. He was probably making farting noises at Ryan while I took this picture.

Josh and I playing in the bubbles at the park.....

Tyson doing his first Triathlon. He kicked butt

Running the Wasatch Back . It was so much fun that we were crazy enough to sign up for the race in 2010. It's amazing how a few happy pictures of the event helps you block out all of the bad- running in the middle of the night, getting dehydrated, having to run without a potty break for 10 miles straight, running straight uphill on a dirt road in the pouring rain, sweaty smelly bodies by your side in cramped car for 36 hours, etc. etc. Anyone wanna run it with us? :)


Dear Grandpa Nilsson and Erika

I am pretty sure you two are the only two that might possibly read my blog.

Blogging and I already do not get along. I just made the longest post in history with practically hundreds of pictures with incredible detail on our lives throughout the past 2 1/2 years and right as I was finishing up, it just disappeared. Right before my eyes. All of it.

Don't worry. I haven't given up just yet. I have only given up for the night. Hopefully blogging and I will have better luck tomorrow.

I'm out.